Harju Elekter Group

(From left to right Harju Elekter Groups representatives Marco Paavel, Head of Product Development, Kaarel Allikmäe, CIO together with IDEAL PLM's Director, Digital Processes, Ville Pantsar.)

Harju Elekter Group’s digitalization journey accelerates with the support from IDEAL PLM consultancy

The integrated approach includes people, process and technology

When it comes to electrical equipment manufacturing for power distribution and automation, Harju Elekter Group offers a wealth of experience in the Baltic Sea region. Established in 1968, employing over 700 employees, the main scope of Harju Elekter Group is engineering, development and manufacturing of medium and low voltage power distribution equipment, including complete transformer substations, customized design and assembly of electrical cabinets for diverse projects.

Process optimization needs

The business of engineering and manufacturing medium and low voltage power distribution equipment presented process challenges that Harju Elekter decided to tackle with the support from IDEAL PLM digitalization consultation. The issues, such as limited data transparency for searching capabilities and having to manually enter and manage data during the process, were examples of the type of process inefficiencies Harju Elekter identified as improvement areas.


New perspectives for digitalization

During the digitalization consultation process, IDEAL PLM consultants reviewed current processes and carried out situational analysis at Harju Elekter. The current processes were analysed and key personnel at different touchpoints during the product lifecycle were interviewed. The customer end-to-end (E2E) business process was analysed to identify value potential and to create a process, in which immediate improvements could be identified and new types of value sources enabled. All this is a part of a new end-to-end (E2E) customer business process, in which digitalization plays the key role.

- IDEAL PLM provided insight from different angles regarding the issues we were facing and advised us what to focus on, to achieve process optimization, Kaarel Allikmäe, CIO, Harju Elekter, reflects.


The consultancy process resulted in a defined roadmap for improvements and enabled customer specific technology adoption plan to be delivered that optimised time to value.

- We feel IDEAL PLM has strong industrial knowledge, which benefits us. They have provided us with good insight, Kaarel Allikmäe continues.

- IDEAL PLM’s consultants are field experts, continues Marko Paavel, Head of Product Development, Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika.


The approach Harju Elekter took to first understand the current situation rather than simply start tackling individual challenges, is recognised by IDEAL PLM as the recommended approach for addressing major organizational changes.


-  The consultancy that IDEAL PLM have carried out at Harju Elekter demonstrates that future value can only be achieved with seamless integration of the people, process and technology in the context of the main business objective, the product. It has been a great pleasure for our team to be involved in this project with a customer that has a strong vision to develop their operations, comments Ville Pantsar, Director, Digital Processes, IDEAL PLM.


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