Plant and Process Simulation

Given the complexity of today’s products, the production lines must be flexible. Designing a new production line or optimizing the existing production system one needs to ensure maximum productivity. The digital production twin enables efficient experimenting and what-if scenarios without disturbing the ongoing production or when used in the planning process, long before the real production system is installed.

Material Flow Simulation

Today’s business environment requires companies to constantly improve their processes in order to keep a competitive edge. Tecnomatix Plant Simulation enables effective, flexible, and fast way to simulate and optimize production systems and processes. Efficient material flow modeling complemented with tools for optimization of flow efficiency, throughput, and resource utilization provides the transparency that is otherwise not possible. Are you interested in worker efficiency and productivity? Applying appropriate standards and KPI’s you can find out just that. Add bottleneck elimination and work-in-process reduction, as well as comprehensive statistical analysis capabilities, and you’ll have a dream toolbox for every manufacturing process engineer to keep those continuous improvements in motion.

Logistics simulation

In today’s global economy, warehousing and logistics involve more than just “shoving boxes.” Warehouses now operate as part of dynamic global supply chains. A highly competitive global marketplace requires rational approaches to designing dynamic warehousing and logistics operations. Speed, efficiency and quality all need to be improved simultaneously, not only at the operational level but also during design and implementation. Tecnomatix Plant Simulation helps you establish and maintain highly complex logistics systems including typical logistics processes like storing, order picking, inventory management and storage strategy. It doesn't matter if the warehouse is fully automated with shuttles and AGV’s or an old fashioned one with people and forklifts, as the main principles apply – Stuff needs to move!

Robotics Programming and Simulation

Robots are increasingly common in an industrial settings, even in industries that have been traditionally more labor intensive. Same applies to industrial automation overall. Tecnomatix Process Simulate and RobotExpert enable efficient robot programming and simulation and automation device function planning. Offline programming boosts productivity as ongoing production is not stopped for reprogramming but merely for program change. The 3D environment emulating realistic behavior of robot cells simplifies the programming of high complexity automated robot processes. Interested in robotics? We’ve got you covered.

Human factors

Health, safety, and working environment have always been important and companies have invested a lot to reach the magical “0 injury”, while many have failed. This is often due the fact that not enough attention is put on these matters already when designing the workplace. Tecnomatix Process Simulate provide a variety of capabilities to assess human factor impact in manufacturing processes. Implementing ergonomics studies as part of workstation design enables more efficient manual processes and reduce work-related sick leaves.

Virtual Commissioning

Commissioning is often a tedious and even stressful process where each error or mistake cost too much. But testing a facility or plant to verify that everything functions according to specifications and requirements can be more efficient, faster, and more stress-free. Today significant portions of tasks related to commissioning can be done virtually, hence the term, “virtual commissioning.” This process can save companies substantial amounts of time and money by modeling and optimizing operations long before construction or equipment installation begins. Connecting PLC (virtual or hardware) to Tecnomatix Plant Simulation or Process Simulate enables such virtual commissioning and conducting a virtual factory acceptance test, also known as FAT. As the real PLC code is tested against the simulation model it is easy to visualize that everything works as planned and there are no costly mistakes such as mechanics colliding.

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