Product Lifecycle Planning

Coordinating resources across projects has always been challenging. In today’s world of complex products, disruptive business models, compressed innovation lifecycles and globally dispersed resources, effective program planning, and execution are more challenging than ever before, and more critical to your success.

Program Planning

Program planning in Teamcenter® provides visibility into projects, across domains, and across the product lifecycle. It allows you to support both a top-down approach to product lifecycle planning, determining which requirements and changes should be implemented and when with a bottom-up approach that validates what can be executed given the resources available at any given time. With program planning inside of PLM, you can confidently plan execution against accurate requirements and goals.

Adaptable Planning

With program planning capabilities in Teamcenter, you can dynamically manage program events and criteria, as well as track project performance against those events. This enables you to manage risk, track issues, and exploit opportunities while supporting formal gate reviews and approvals. Keep the entire team informed with up-to-date status and instant access to program information.

Integrated Change

Change is constant. Product lifecycle planning doesn’t happen in a bubble and you have to be able to adjust to change. With Teamcenter, you can coordinate the design and release of items under configuration control across multiple, often unrelated, projects. With visibility to the scope of all changes included in a program, accurate estimations can be made regarding resources and timing. The execution of those changes can be managed to leverage workflows and schedules.

Real-time Visibility

Staying on track requires real-time visibility into what is going on. Program analytics and dashboards in Teamcenter provide accurate information about your program on-demand. You can see plan performance, program deliverable status, event-level performance, the impact of change, and more.


Integrated Projects

You can integrate program planning and project management in Teamcenter to ensure execution against the plan. Leveraging this integrated solution helps to support the execution of program deliverables and objectives. Schedules can be automatically generated to support program execution based on templates and business rules, or manually created. Dependencies between schedules, deliverables, and resources are managed and tracked.

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