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IDEAL GRP exhibits at the virtual Automation Days in Finland (Automaatiopäivät24) 13.-14.4.2021

automaatiopaivat 2021

Automaatiopäivät24 is the 24th automation conference of the Finnish Society of Automation. It is the society´s most important conference in the fields of automation and digitalization of processes, factories and production as well as emerging applications in healthcare robotics and resilience in societies.

The seminar program will contain presentations from both the industrial and the scientific worlds. The seminar will be a forum for networking between educational, research, and business sectors. The themes of the 24th automation conference are based around the en[1]vironment, circular economy, sustainability, digitalization, applications of AI, and continuous learning.

Topics covered include:

·         IoT, edge and cloud services

·         Artificial intelligence

·         Education

·         Modeling and simulation

·         Digital twins

·         Environmental solutions

·         Energy solutions

·         Control and systems engineering

·         Process automation and control

·         Robotics, machine automation

·         Human-centric automation

·         Automation and robotics for healthcare

·         Epidemiological models and resilience in societies

IDEAL GRP is participating at the Automaatiopäivät24 event as an exhibitor. Fitting with the conference themes, we are presenting our simulation modeling capabilities for the manufacturing processes and machines, together with our approach to supporting our customers in planning industrial automation, and in improving their production processes with MOM solutions.

 Come to meet with us at our virtual booth or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


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