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CEO’s End of Year Message

The year started with our strategic partner Siemens Digital Industries Software recognising us as the Top Partner for Nordic for the great work carried out together with our customers. Overall, the year 2021 has been a “Year of Transformation” in more ways than one.

In July, the company got a new strategic owner, as Atos acquired IDEAL GRP. During the latter part of the year, we have learned and witnessed how combining our offerings can really drive unique value to our customers. Combining capabilities such as High Performance Computing with simulation and delivering it on-demand basis is a great example of it. I am truly impressed by the determination of both Atos and IDEAL GRP teams working towards the success of our customers' Industry 4.0 initiatives.  Together we are expanding the width and breadth of the services we offer to you, our customers, and keep the values you trust us with; the excellent level of technical, business, and industry expertise, the globally local approach and customer-for-life attitude.

For the year 2022 the trends we expect to continue strong are related to building seamless & truly digital enterprises, let me point out two examples of them:

On one hand, it is all about developing the truly connected & digital enterprise across the manufacturing sector which continues towards new dimensions. Customers across all industries are increasingly looking for more personalized products, at price levels comparable to mass-produced products. Manufacturers have responded to this by increasing product variability, and by adopting various levels of mass-customization strategies. To retain production efficiency while lot sizes are being reduced Nordic manufacturers need to establish smart, highly automated production systems that adapt flexibly to manufacturing different product variants. We believe that smart manufacturing can give Nordic companies the much-needed competitive edge over their rivals.

On the other hand, we are expecting to see the need to innovate and keep up competitiveness as the top priority. As the recent study shows that nearly 60% of CEOs globally see the need to increase R&D investments (PwC. 2021) innovation is also increasingly coming out of systems and the systemic nature of products - rather than from components. Interconnected and computer interpretable models, which represent all aspects of real-world systems have become critical to understanding how a given system will behave. 

In all of this, and even beyond, we continue to help and support our customers to prosper and build competitive advantages as we move to 2022. Thank you again for a truly exciting 2021. I wish you and your families a peaceful festive holiday and a prosperous and happy New Year 2022!

 jaakko hartikainen ratt

Jaakko Hartikainen


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