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We are really happy to welcome Jörgen Mähler as Solutions Architect.

Who are you, what is your role and how did you end up at IDEAL GRP?

My name is Jörgen Mähler, 50 years and lives in Vetlanda.  Outside of work a lot of my time are spend supporting my sons’ motorsports activities and I also like to walk in the forest.

Within IDEAL GRP my role is Solutions Architect and I find that it’s a very interesting role. It combines both the industrial side with fabrication and my interest in digitalization of production related information and how to structure it and make it accessible for the whole company. 

What is your background?

I have an industry background where I worked in several positions all the way from shopfloor with punching, CNC programming, design engineer, PDM lead and now the last years as Sales manager.

What is your normal day like?

It will be a mix of finding solutions to our customers product development processes and supporting our sales with pre-sales demos.

What kind of introduction did you get to your work?

I started my first day with a visit to Linköping office where I meet my manager. After that the first two weeks consisted of online trainings and deeper introduction in the company’s processes. It has been interesting, and a smooth introduction.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?

All I have meet have welcomed me and I like that the atmosphere is very open, and all are willing to share their knowledge.
One fun thing to mention is that there are After Work sessions on every second Fridays through Teams. They have been fun to join and a good way to know my colleges more outside of the daily work as discussions vary from spicy food to custom issue when traveling abroad.

What are you looking forward to in your role at IDEAL GRP?

I’m looking forward to meeting our customers, hopefully at their site,  to support them on the digital journey they are on. I think it’s a lot to gain if you can be at the customers factory and see their production and discuss what are their challenges are.  It will give a better solution and shorten the timeframe, which both we and our customer will benefit from.

Give us a few minutes! We would love to tell you more about our solutions.

Send us your details and we will contact you. Thanks!

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