Boosting Digitalization with PLM

In today’s digitalized world companies face disruption from existing companies as well as new market entrants. Digitalization is influencing every industry, disrupting current leaders and creating new business opportunities. To survive disruption, companies must rethink every aspect of their business, become a true digital enterprise, and take advantage of the Digitalization to create new business opportunities.

Successful digital transformation requires digital innovation strategy to create comprehensive and precise digital models, digital twins, of products and production operations as a means to manage and optimize the complexity of smart products and smart production operations.

PLM is the backbone for Digitalization in manufacturing companies. For these reasons role of PLM is increasing and PLM is transforming form engineering system to strategic digitalization backbone, beside to ERP and CRM systems.

Through Siemens PLM solutions we are able to realize a Digital Twin for the product, production and performance. This makes it possible to design, analyze and simulate products and production processes in digital environment and to enrich these models with the performance data from the Digital Performance Twin to make a complete Closed Loop PLM environment.

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