Rulestream Engineer-To-Order (ETO) – automate quotation and engineering processes

Delivering Engineer-To-Order (ETO) products cost efficiently within a short delivery time can be challenging.


Manufacturers today are often forced to provide tailored products to customers. Delivering Engineer-To-Order (ETO) products cost efficiently within a short delivery time can be challenging. Taking into account multiple variables such as: Costing & Engineering rules, manufacturing standards and to be able to respond quickly and accurately to customer specifications, is the key to success.

Rulestream from Siemens PLM Software is a Standards Based Engineering (SBE) solution to tackle complexity and maintainability issues that come to engineering automation. Rulestream offers a platform that is easy to use for application developers to concentrate on business rules instead of complex programming, enabling subject-matter experts to enter and maintain knowledge rules themselves.

Unifying Sales and Engineering

Capturing engineering, manufacturing and costing rules into Rulestream makes it possible to share data between sales and engineering phases. With its powerful rule execution engine, Rulestream is able to solve and create proposals quickly, using the latest data to make them more accurate. After the deal is closed, engineers can continue working with the same data that was used to create the proposal.

With a rich set of integrations to common engineering tools in the market Rulestream provides flexibility to use existing data for e.g. Visualization and Bill-of-Material creation. Tender drawings can be generated on the fly using the exact design data. With Microsoft Word integration, Rulestream can create technical documentation and proposals real time. As a Client-Server application, Rulestream provides various deployment options (Rich Client, Thin Client and Batch Processing). For example, a sales person uses web browser as a client, while Rulestream calculates and generates documents on a server.

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