Simcenterâ„¢ - Next Generation Simulation

Smart products, tailored to personal needs, preferences and habits – that’s what consumers want today. As a manufacturer, you must fulfill this request, and design products with increasing complexity. These products include mechanical and electronic components, software and controls.
The industry mandate for energy efficiency also persists. Environmental concerns such as the scarcity of fossil fuels and global warming continue to raise the importance of fuel efficiency. New lightweight materials and manufacturing methods are required to address this challenge, as are intelligent systems that optimize energy consumption.
Smart products also evolve over time. They include many sensors that optimize product performance after delivery, communicate with each other and their environment, and feed information back to design teams for further improvement. This scenario requires powerful data management and analytics in a digital solution that involves the entire product lifecycle.
All these challenges come in addition to classic performance requirements such as comfort and durability, and further pressure the design process. Engineering departments must continuously find ways to deal with more parameters, data and product variations in less time. The traditional verification and validation approach needs to gain efficiency and close the loop with the product in use.
The Simcenter™ software portfolio from Siemens PLM Software provides you with all the necessary tools to address these market trends and meet your customers’ demands. Simcenter enables you to evolve your engineering processes from a verification-centric approach to a more predictive approach by implementing efficient multidisciplinary simulation processes. These are backed by the most powerful testing software and hardware solutions to enable the best possible modeling realism and the most effective component and final product testing. Simcenter helps drive your product designs faster than before, resulting in better, less expensive and more reliable products. With Simcenter, you will be able to gain and keep a competitive advantage.

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