Solid Edge for Startups

 Solid Edge for Startups for free

Support in the initial stage 


There are many challenges associated with establishing a startup business. There is a lot to arrange and acquire. Siemens PLM Software & IDEAL PLM are helping companies in Finland in the initial stage of setting up a business. 

If CAD engineering is connected to your business idea and the business has been active for less than three years you have the opportunity to get Solid Edge for a year without costs.  



How to proceed?

Learn more about the Siemens PLM Software offer and criterias on Siemens PLM Software's website and fill out the application: Solid Edge For Startups


Solid Edge in short

Solid Edge is a cost-effective and user-friendly 2D/3D-modeling software that helps get your startup off the ground. As the demands grow or changes you will find opportunities that suit your business the best.

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Miikka Lintusaari

Solid Edge Business Leader

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