Solid Edge Sheet Metal

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Solid Edge sheet metal course is designed to teach students the use of the Solid Edge sheet metal functionality.


Duration 1 days
Delivery Web/Online
Prerequisites None
Language Courses are held in the local language, but English may be used in some cases according to the language skills of the participants or the trainer.

The objective of the course

The course aims to provide the necessary information for designers modeling sheet metal parts using Solid Edge.

Primary topics

  • Typical sheet metal workflow
  • Sheet metal base features
  • Sheet metal corners
  • Edge rip
  • Jog
  • Bending sheet metal
  • Neutral factor / k-value
  • Bend allowance formula
  • Material selection
  • Bend table
  • Sheet metal examples


Event Start 05 May 2022
Cut off date 28 Apr 2022
Price 750€
Location Online
We are no longer accepting registration for this event