NX CAM Basics - Milling Operations

wmechrouted4 tcm27 27005The training starts with basics by going through the NX user interface and defining geometry to be used in CAM operations. After the three-day training, the student is able to create toolpaths with self-made or ready-made tools, and simulate the operations before post-processing.


Duration: 3 day
Delivery: Web/online
Prerequisites: NX Basic course or corresponding knowledge
Language: This training will take place in Swedish. The course materials are in English.

The objective of the course

The course offers comprehensive information on how to make milling operations in NX CAM. 

Primary topics:

  • User Interface
  • Blank Types
  • Defining Geometry
  • Defining Work Coordinate System
  • Creating Tools
  • Getting Tools from a Tool Library
  • Getting Tools from Another File
  • Creating Toolpaths
  • Reusing Blank in Multiple Positions
  • Machining 3D Surfaces
  • Feature-Based Machining
  • Milling Internal/External Threads
  • Milling Text
  • Copy and Edit a Tool
  • Grouping Geometry
  • Inspecting a Toolpath
  • Toolpath Animation
  • Simulating a Program
  • Post-processing


Event Start 18 Oct 2021
Event Ending 20 Oct 2021
Price 1,710€
Location Online
We are no longer accepting registration for this event