Simcenter 3D Motion Fundamentals


Simcenter 3D Motion is a CAE software application you can use to animate and analyze both kinematic and dynamic motion mechanisms in terms of critical design positions, forces, velocities, and accelerations. Upon successful completion of this course, students will understand how to apply and edit motion simulations, and use motion simulations to analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize a mechanism design.


Duration 2 days
Delivery Web/Online
Prerequisites Basic understanding of parametric modeling.
Language Courses are held in the local language, but English may be used in some cases according to the language skills of the participants or the trainer.

Primary topics

  • Using the basic capabilities of Simcenter 3D Motion
  •   Performing kinematic, dynamic analysis of Motion models
  • Preparing models that can be used in Motion
  • Creating motion bodies, joints, specialized constraints, and motion drivers
  • Defining a mechanism with springs, dampers, bushings
  • Using various data tools to work with Motion models
  • Adding loads to a Motion model
  • Defining analytical contact and 3D contact for a Motion model
  • Defining Motion solution options
  • Displaying Motion results
  • Using submechanisms to define a mechanism




Event Start 14 Oct 2021
Event Ending 15 Oct 2021
Price 1,140€
Location Online
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