Solid Edge & Teamcenter Data Management (SEEC)

Course Solid Edge & Teamcenter Data Management ( SEEC)
Duration 1 days
Delivery Class room
Prerequisites Solid Edge Basic or corresponding knowledge
Language Unless agreed otherwise, courses are held in Finnish and course material will be provided either in Finnish or English



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Solid Edge & Teamcenter data management (SEEC Solid Edge Embedded Client) course is meant for designer, who uses Solid Edge in the Teamcenter integration environment. During the training students will use Solid Edge Embedded client (SEEC) module, which integrates Solid Edge modeling program with Teamcenter PLM program. During the training exercises include data management in Teamcenter and basic team work. The course is a direct continuation of Solid Edge for the basic course. A lot of exercises will be done during the training.

Objective of the course:

After the training the student is able to work with Solid Edge in the Teamcenter integration environment.

Primary topics:

    • Introduction to Teamcenter data management
    • Items
    • Data sets
    • Forms
    • Using Teamcenter
    • Using Teamcenter with Solid Edge
    • Revisions
    • Assembly drawings and attributes
    • Cloning
    • Copying part and drawing
    • Sold Edge/Teamcneter export
    • Solid Edge/Teamcnter import
    • Structure Manager
    • JT-models
    • Comparing
    • Revisoin of assembly
    • Management of assemblies in the Structure Manager    
    • Comparing different structures

Information and registrations:

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