Digital Manufacturing

Establish your process management foundation.

Manufacturing process performance is an important competitive factor for manufacturing companies. Digital manufacturing is an activity, which focuses on manufacturing simulation and simultaneous definition of product and production process to optimize transition from a virtual to a physical world.

Digital manufacturing (DM) is an integrated subset of PLM that focuses on computer-aided manufacturing simulation that leverages three-dimensional (3D) visualization capabilities, analytics and various collaboration tools for creating product and manufacturing process definitions simultaneously.

Digital manufacturing is a key point of integration between the PLM platform, shop floor applications and equipment, enabling the exchange of product-related information between engineering and manufacturing parties. This bridge allows manufacturing companies to achieve shorter time-to-market and realize cost savings by reducing expensive downstream changes. Therefore, digital manufacturing is a substantial element in achieving long-term benefits from product lifecycle management.

NX for Manufacturing

Manufacturing process planning & data management

Production line engineering & layout planning

Material flow and logistics planning & simulation


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