Elmo Design

Elmo Design Oy is a company founded in 1998 and located in Salo. Its services include project management, mechanical design, industrial design, visualisation and 3D-animations.

Elmo Design Oy have strong design experience of electrical and electronic devices which utilise injection moulding, die casting, extrusion, sheet metal and machining technologies.

Typical products the company have designed are payment terminals, power supplies, battery chargers, distribution cabinets,  gauges,  control terminals, cellular phones and  optical accessories.
In addition to industrial and mechanical design Elmo Design have made high-class visualization pictures which the customer can use among the product marketing collateral.

”We use Solid Edge in our company, because it allows us to better meet customer requirements. Good sheet metal functionalities have also an essential role in our line of business” comments Pekka Uski, Managing Director, Elmo Design Oy.


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