Who we are

A proud partner of Siemens PLM Software, we are a full service Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution and service provider with an mission of Boosting Digitalization with PLM. We believe in long strategic partnerships with our customers and the role that PLM has in the Digital Transformation.

Through our solutions we are able to realize a Digital Twin for the product, production and performance. This makes it possible to design, analyze and simulate your products and production processes in digital environment and to enrich these models with the performance data from the Digital Performance Twin to make a complete Closed Loop PLM environment.

We have built our expertise through the 25 years in the industry and have a strong team of almost 100 experts in Finland and Russia. We believe in being local with our customers and for this reason we have offices close to our customers. We believe in process oriented way of working where we are able to improve our customer processes with the help of PLM.


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