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Lumikko Ltd

Founded in 1970s Lumikko Ltd. main activities include manufacturing of air conditioning equipment for public service vehicles, cooling devices for equipment and crew rooms in defence industry, cooling devices for bio containers as well as refrigeration solutions for the industry.

The Lumikko services cover the maintenance and spare part services for the equipment manufactured by Lumikko Ltd. in Seinäjoki, Tampere and Helsinki.

Like many other Finnish international companies, also the story of Lumikko has started from a garage. The vision of the Saikkonen brothers was to design temperature regulating devices applicable in Nordic conditions and to offer the clients a local and professional support services.  The company was named after a weasel (lumikko in Finnish), which once happened to visit the garage, while the brothers were manufacturing their products. Starting from the 1990s, Lumikko products have been exported to the Nordic countries as well as to EU countries.