Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Customers increasingly want customized products with shorter delivery times. The complexity of products and the number of product variations are increasing, there are many product changes, production batch sizes are decreasing. Product quality and traceability requirements are growing. Products need to get to market quickly. Typical challenges in today’s manufacturing industry.

Industry 4.0 vision and product lifecycle management are strongly interlinked. With our solutions, we are able to enable smoother cooperation between product development and production - in response to the challenges mentioned above.

Siemens Digital Industries Software's Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) portfolio offers unique opportunities for manufacturing digitalization, seamlessly integrating product lifecycle management with manufacturing control and vice versa, all the way to factory automation and machine tool control. Not forgetting the system requirements of additive manufacturing methods.



Manufacturing Operations Management product portfolio

Siemens Digital Industries Software MOM product portfolio represents proven solutions that are in production use in companies that have advanced the Industry 4.0 strategy.

IDEAL GRP has a long experience in the Finnish manufacturing industry. Combined with the market-leading MOM solutions, we are ready to help develop manufacturing performance towards the era of smart manufacturing. We believe in the "think big, start small" approach.

Please contact, if the above challenges sound familiar and you want to hear more about how we could help you to develop your operations!


Manufacturing consulting services


Continuous ”fire fighting” at the shop floor?

Large material and product inventories?

Lots of searching and waiting?

No feasible production schedule?

Manufacturing supervising requires constant foot work?

Investment justification is challenging?

Poor delivery accuracy of orders?

Managing paper instructions and drawings?

Hard to fulfill standard requirements?



The basis for the business benefiting from production digitization lies in efficient processes. Appropriate control models, value - no waste – productive work, and data flow management are the building blocks of smooth production. Continuous improvement benefits from digitization solutions that support standardization, automation and optimization.

We advise our clients on improving production performance and data flow management through process development and digitalization. We focus on the goals of your operations regardless of system and solution. Our vision is based on a comprehensive supply chain digitalization experience and extensive industry knowledge.


Our consulting services in Nordics and Baltics


Manufacturing Performance
Mapping production performance and problem areas and identifying ways to increase flow and efficiency.
•    Transparency
•    Work control and quality
•    Production material flows

Digital Twin Production Assessment
Utilization of product, order and process information in production execution and optimization.
•    System architecture
•    Use and collection of data
•    Development areas


We also implement consulting packages tailored for the customer's needs.

We believe in the “Think big, start small” approach to implementing the digitalization of production. Our consultants support you e.g. in the validation and development of assembly, component manufacturing, logistics and production planning processes, in the identification and measurement of the benefits of digitalization (ROI), and in the planning and phasing of a digitization project.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about how we could help you grow your business!








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