Manufacturing process planning & data management

The need to get more customized, high-quality products to market faster has driven manufacturers to distribute production over many plants and suppliers. Consequently, manufacturers are looking for technologies and methodologies that allow them to efficiently author process plans that reflect the right product configurations. They need software tools that can align engineering bills of materials (eBOMs), manufacturing bills of materials (mBOMs) and bills of process (BOPs) in a single environment that provides full control of the product development and manufacturing planning process.

The Tecnomatix process design and management solution allows design and manufacturing engineers to concurrently develop product and process planning definitions. This ensures that manufacturing constraints can be reconciled during product design, resulting in more efficient manufacturing plans.

Plan, optimize and validate your manufacturing processes before you start production and take control of your product and production lifecycle. Use a broad range of tools to streamline your process planning workflows, automate nonvalue-added planning tasks and validate the best plan for making products. These tools facilitate process design and sequencing, manufacturing bill of material and bill of process management, line balancing, time management, 3D plant layout, ergonomic analysis, and more.

Control your product and production lifecycle from process planning and detailed engineering to full production by connecting the entire manufacturing value chain, helping you build the best production strategy.

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