NX for Design

A complete solution for digital product development, NX delivers integrated, high performance design, simulation, documentation, tooling and manufacturing.

Strength from concept to production

In a business environment that demands quality products delivered on time at low cost, NX can deliver all the right tools to perform your full product development, simulation and manufacturing – all in one seamlessly integrated environment. This makes the iterative nature of product design both highly effective and fast!

Work seamlessly with any CAD data

NX Synchronous Technology enables you to seamlessly use the most productive modeling approaches in the same environment, independently from which source the original CAD data has evolved.

Use modern design and manufacturing methods

NX Topology optimization in combination with NX Convergent Modeling gives a unique method to create innovative new designs. NX combines solid, surface and facet modeling into an extremely fast approach of producing innovative models for both Additive Manufacturing as well as traditional manufacturing methods.

High quality shaping tools

As part of the NX surface modeling tools, NX Realize Shape can be used both for conceptual design as well as final productional geometry.  Concept geometry can easily be refined into final shape as the subdivision modeling technique produces extremely high-quality surfaces.

Product Rendering and Documentation

NX Iray+ high-quality rendering can be used during the whole design phase, starting from the conceptual design, all the way to final product documentation.

Knowledge-based automation

enables you to leverage the product and process knowledge that your company has gained from its experiences, as well as from industry best practices.

Process innovation and speed

enables you to streamline and integrate the everyday work of your planning, concept design, engineering, simulation and manufacturing teams.


Multi-disciplinary design

The ability to integrate all needed disciplines of design – like electromechanical design,  piping & tubing, sheet metal, mechatronics design, tooling, etc. – within the same CAD system using the same assembly context, makes NX a highly effective environment for the full product development and manufacturing process.

Watch the video featuring Bob Haubrock discussing Multi-Disciplinary Design 




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