Deploying Siemens PLM Software has allowed Patria Vehicles to have a single design system throughout the company. A central platform permits internal and subcontracting designers to access designs through the central repository, reducing the need to edit models and improving end-product functionality with fewer errors and better quality. More importantly, it has accelerated the product development process by an estimated 20 to 25 percent, helping the company to keep to its delivery schedule. The time saving is due to daily tasks being completed quicker as well as a greater re-use of existing product data. Additional time is saved in the creation of instruction manuals, which previously required digital photographs but now use NX 3D models.

The increased visibility of projects made possible by Siemens PLM technology has resulted in improved planning. Also, spare parts and maintenance documents are now managed in a way that was previously not possible. Another improvement comes from keeping design, analysis and simulation data in one system for a single source of product and process data. It is also no longer necessary to translate formats to move this data between systems, making the process faster and less prone to error.

Overall, adopting NX and Teamcenter has standardized operations, improved the ability to respond to customer requirements and market challenges, and allowed for more flexibility across the company.

Patria Faster to the front


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