Comprehensive solutions for Engineer-to-Order (ETO) process automation

Developing products to meet customer specific needs is a growing challenge for manufacturers. The Rulestream® software for Engineer-to-Order helps to meet that challenge by allowing companies to rapidly engineer products to exact customer specification, thereby achieving dramatic improvements to critical sales and order engineering processes.

Build a bridge between Sales and Engineering



Typical issue when quoting complex ETO products is the uncertainty of time needed from order to delivery. Purchasing, order engineering, transportation and so forth, all need time and can be hard to estimate. To shorten this lead time, sales and engineering departments should be able to communicate and reuse information quickly and accurately. Rulestream ETO captures the latest engineering, manufacturing, and business rules and standards and uses this knowledge in an executable form to automate labour intensive tasks within the quotation process. These tasks often include creation of multiple Bill-of-Materials (BOMs), sales drawings and product visualizations in either 3D or 2D format.

Boost the order engineering


Once a deal is closed the order specific manufacturing information needs to be produced quickly as possible to meet the delivery schedule. Rulestream ETO allows order engineers to work bi-directionally with the system and automate routine tasks, when same time making order specific engineering to full fill the customer need. By automating the routine and repetitive engineering work, the Rulestream ETO solution can help engineering get out of the repetitive order engineering, order processing, and sales support business and back into innovative engineering.




Take advantage from the multiple deployment possibilities

Depending on business needs, Rulestream ETO can help in various places in the ETO process. To support these multiple needs, Rulestream ETO provides web-based user interface, locally installed on-line and offline solutions, as well as batch processing capabilities to process jobs on a server. Rulestream ETO also provides integrations to various CAD & PLM systems and MS Office tools.

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