Commercial Product Management

Product - A technical and commercial matter

Growing number of products, services and their variants make it increasingly difficult to understand the complete picture of a company’s product and service offering without a single point of contact for all product defining information - regardless whether the information considers the product's technical or commercial essence. Product related information ranging from engineering data to sales material and even sales performance figures is often stored in separate silos, which makes Product Management challenging.


The glue between your commercial and technical product definitions

With every commercial or technical dimension taken into account, the data becomes more cumbersome to manage. Combining the commercial definition with your traditional engineering data enables effective analysis and decision making across the entire product portfolio taking into account both aspects – the engineered solution and the commercial definition.

Extending Teamcenter® with Product Portfolio Management

Commercial Product Management extends Teamcenter® software capabilities from the traditional engineering domain towards commercial product management by providing unique insight for an entire organization into how the technical products evolve into commercial products and allowing your employees to understand the market positioning of your product.

The solution enables defining commercial aspects, such as market segmentation, for current, future or past products thus enabling an organization to understand the breadth of their commercial product portfolio for better decisions in active portfolio management and new product introduction.

Product Portfolio at your hand

With IDEAL PLM's Commercial Product Management solution you are able to model your entire Product Portfolio in Teamcenter® by taking into account the technical information related to your products, such as the traditional CAD, BOM, and Manufacturing aspects, while at the same time making it possible for you to model the way your market sees your or your competitors' products. This transforms the way your organization sees your products - for better and easier decision making than ever before.

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