IDEAL Commercial Product Management

Product - A technical and commercial matter

IDEAL GRP's Commercial Product Management solution extends Teamcenter® software capabilities from the traditional engineering domain towards commercial product management by providing unique insight for an entire organization into how the technical products evolve into commercial products.


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Increasing number of products and services create challenges

Increasing number of products, product variants, and services has made it difficult to understand and manage the company offering. Commercial and technical product information is often scattered to multiples systems in different business units, and therefore finding, managing and using the information can be cumbersome. Combined with the lack of overview of the product portfolio, strategic management of products and reaching the profit targets can be challenging.


What is IDEAL Commercial Product Management?

IDEAL Commercial Product Management solution allows organizations to model their entire Product Portfolio in Teamcenter® while considering Market Segments it operates in, such as Customer Segments, Product Applications, Sales Channels and Market Areas. It allows to control and easily define the supplementary products, product recommendations and product variants. Combine these with the capabilities for organizing product specific technical data such as the traditional CAD, BOM, and Manufacturing aspects together with sales & marketing materials and you are in control of your Product Portfolio.




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